Whole house water filtration system

Whole house water filtration system. Unit only needs a standard 110 volt outlet. Can be programmed to flush and reset filter element bed 1500 or every 2500 gallons of water used. You can also literally keep track of how much water you use in a day, week or month.
The filter cartridge is rated for approximately 12-13 years. You will have bottled water at every faucet. More importantly, when you shower or take a bath you will not have the chlorine/chloramine that city water has in it.
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This is an electronic anti-scale device. This is installed on water line coming off the water meter and will treat a majority of plumbing and fixtures in a residential home. How it works is it sends a modulated am radio signal thru piping, this prevents any scale from forming on faucets or hot water tanks, tankless units. Scale forms from either or both pressure/temperture difference (opening a faucet, hot faucet).


The importance of cleaning around your condenser

A minimum of 18" clearance around condenser of any shrubs, plants or flowers is required by the manufacturer for proper operation. Condenser has to work twice as hard to provide cooling.  Your service technician also has to access the condenser service ports, electrical panel. They will not be able to service that unit properly if access is restrictive or inhibited by shrubs, plants ect. VERY important if it does appear you have poison ivy, sumac, or poison oak around your condenser, your service technician will not be able to service your condenser. I have unfortunately experienced this myself.

Why Return Air Flow Is Important

When installing a new furnace or air conditioner it is very important that you have enough air flow returning back to the furnace. If return ductwork is undersized you will have poor airflow to the farthest rooms. Another sign of undersized ductwork is that you will hear a "banging" noise when blower shuts off on the furnace.

The customer had also complained of poor airflow to bedrooms and a banging noise coming from furnace. In this installation we had to install an upsized return drop ( to the right of the furnace).  After our modifications, Our customer noted more airflow immediately in 2 bedrooms.

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The Importance Of Annual Furnace Inspections

The benefits of having an HVAC system or furnace serviced and inspected annually by No-Nonsense Heating and Cooling are tremendous. You can save money on your energy bills and fuel costs, and have serenity that your furnace will work properly even in the coldest of winter season.

Make sure that your HVAC unit is at its highest efficiency and operating safely by scheduling us to service and inspect your furnace on an annual basis.

The combustion of fossil fuels leads to the production of carbon Monoxide.  If these gasses are not properly vented or if there is a failure in the parts that keep these gasses separate from the air that circulates throughout your home, there can be health risks to your family.  Even a pin sized leak can cause serious issues.  That is why it is highly recommended that you have your furnace or HVAC system serviced annually to check for the fatal poisonous gas.

Another advantage of having your HVAC unit annually checked is boosting its efficiency. Fuels for home heating is very costly, so seeing to it that your HVAC unit is burning the fuel at an economical rate is directly associated to the cost of your energy bills.

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HE 1

Example of a cracked heat exchanger that could be leaking deadly gasses into the home. 


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